Creative Gwynedd

What is the Creative Gwynedd ?
The Creative Gwynedd was established in order to promote the arts and Welsh culture in Gwynedd.
It’s a voluntary association, with members that include people who work in the arts field, professional workers and amateur practitioners. We have representatives from various arts fields such as, art, music, drama, dance etc.

How does About Us operate?

About Us is responsible for:

organising networking and marketing events for Gwynedd arts practitioners. About Us has already organised various events and works in close partnership with the Helfa Gelf Art Trail (www.helfagelf.co.uk) annual event.

staging Open Forum events, to discuss the needs of the Gwynedd arts sector

sharing information about artistic opportunities and ensuring a social media presence.

running the www.creativegwynedd.com website

acting as a link between individual artists and arts bodies/organisations

stimulating project work

In this section:-

Funders and Supporters

Photo Album

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Video Wall

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Creative Gwynedd
d/o Archifdy Caernarfon
Economi a Chymuned
Swyddfa'r Cyngor
Stryd y Jêl
LL55 1SH

[t] 01286 679721
[e] post@creativegwynedd.com

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