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Participating in the arts can improve the quality of life of adults and children. The arts bring communities together and contribute to the economic prosperity of communities. In 2013-2014 Gwynedd Council supported the provision of a broad range of arts activities in Gwynedd through its strategic fund for revenue clients and community arts fund.


2013-2014 AT A GLANCE
397,760 attendances
At events organised or supported financially by Gwynedd Council Community Arts Unit.
On average this is more than 1,000 attendances a day.

Turning £161,000 into £3 million
Gwynedd Council’s Strategic Grants to the Arts scheme drew an investment of £2,872,542.94 through co-funders and income generated.

Huge variety of activities
Gwynedd Council’s Community Arts Unit delivered and supported activities in the visual arts, craft, theatre, dance, music, arts in health and wellbeing, training, professional development, and many more.


Financial investment by Gwynedd Council and the Arts Council of Wales has a positive effect on Gwynedd and its citizens. The video below, created by members of Stiwdio Frân Wen, shows 4 projects which received funding from Gwynedd Council: Gwanwyn Festival, Stiwdio Frân Wen, Cofis Bach, Codi'r To.




Codi’r To is a community regeneration project which uses music to improve the lives of individuals and communities. Experienced music tutors teach pupils in two primary schools, Ysgol Maesincla in Caernarfon and Ysgol Glancegin in Bangor, to play brass and percussion instruments during regular music sessions. The tutors also make links with the families and neighbourhoods around the schools through live music in the community. 

Codi’r To supports the schools in raising levels of educational achievement and engages with parents, families and the local neighbourhood to develop greater community cohesion and shared experiences. The project is inspired by the ‘El Sistema’ programme, from Venezuela, and has been influenced by the success of The Big Noise in Scotland and In Harmony in England which use similar approaches. 

Through music, Codi’r To aims to:
- stimulate community regeneration;
- be inspirational and transformational for children, families, schools and communities;
- tackle disadvantage and educational under-achievement;
- raise the self-confidence and self-esteem;
- encourage the participants to have more belief in their own abilities and recognise their own potential;
- promote better group work and collaboration.
- 90 pupils in years 4 and 5 took part in the project.

Cofis Bach aims to promote the wellbeing of children and young people in Peblig by providing free, high quality opportunities in the arts which they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. The project achieves this by running weekly training sessions in drama, music and visual art for children aged 6 – 16 years old, although extra opportunities are provided throughout the year such as a vertical stunts and climbing project or a film-making project.   

In 2013-14 Cwmni Cofis Bach reached more children and families than ever before.

361 sessions
3782 participants
2700 people have seen their work in:

4 Drama Performances
3 Vertical Stunts Performances
7 Film Screenings
3 Exhibitions
5 Trips

One recent highlight for Cofis Bach was to co-produce 2 films. The films were shown at the Senate in Cardiff in November 2013 and one of the films, ‘Scwtyr Sombis Glas o (Uffern) Sgubs’, came first in the Pics film festival in Galeri, Caernarfon, in March 2014. Members of the filming crew and their parents visited the Senate for the launch of the films.

“It was an excellent experience to see the finished film. The children had never visited the Senate before and I was very happy that the films were given so much attention. Of course as a mother I was very proud to see what the children had achieved through the Cofis Bach project….and then to win a prize at the Pics festival. I felt so proud of them…..and the audience had so much fun watching the film – it was really special.”
(Participant’s parent)

Gwanwyn Festival is a national festival held across Wales in May celebrating creativity in older age. The festival offers opportunities for greater participation by older people in the arts and is also an opportunity to highlight and promote the participation of older people in the arts.

Groups and individuals join together in a wide range of venues and locations across Wales in an explosion of paint, clay, photography, theatre, dance, creative writing, film, storytelling, and much more. It is a time for performance, exhibition, workshops, discussion, networking and most importantly fun.

Gwynedd Council Community Arts Unit organised an art project for patients at the Stroke Unit in Ysbyty Eryri. Patients at the Stroke Unit worked with a professional artists for a period of 10 weeks to explore art techniques and media such as painting, drawing and collage.

The project had positive effects on those taking part, participants:
- gained confidence in speech, ability and artistic skill;
- discovered new outlet for thoughts and feelings at a difficult time;
- learned new ways of communicating;
- received support and encouragement from other members of the group.

Follow the link below to see a slide show of artwork created by the project's participants.

Stiwdio Frân Wen is an intensive mentoring scheme which trains 5 young people at a time in the field of digital media. This innovative model, which is part of Cwmni’r Frân Wen’s Pontio’r Bwlch activities, inspires, encourages and supports vulnerable young people who are not in employment, education or training to participate in the arts.

Stiwdio Frân Wen is founded on the belief that not everyone learns in the same way and that success or failure within a particular method of learning is in no way an indication of the potential of an individual.

The studio operates much as a normal graphic design or media studio does, with real clients, real commissions and real hard work. Stiwdio Frân Wen aims to equip people with real world commercial skills to develop into self-employed artists. Participants gain accreditations in creative, basic skills and entrepreneurship modules.


Taking part in the project increased participants’ confidence and self-belief.

“The young people improved their skills and gained new transferrable skills. They were given an opportunity to apply these skills in real life situations and locations. As a result, the learners could see the relevance and point of their work.”

“The learners’ attention and motivation was gained and maintained, and in the end they were proud of what they had achieved.”

Sylvette Jones, DAC Cymru

Here is a video created by the participants showing some of the work they produced during the project. For more information visit the website

Gwynedd Council invests money through its Strategic Grants for the Arts scheme. The scheme awards grants to suitable organisations, bodies and institutions in order to ensure provision of the highest standard, to support innovation and enterprise in the sector, and to ensure the best possible experiences in the arts for the people of Gwynedd, now and in the future.

Click here to see a list of Gwynedd Council’s Strategic Grants clients, including the amount received by each organisation, and the investment generated through match-funding and income.

Click here to see attendance figures at events organised or supported financially by Gwynedd Council’s Community Arts Unit.

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