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Out of Doors - Digital Arts Festival

As young people and many adults look for ways to entertain themselves and their families creatively in lock down, Arts Active have come up with a digital arts festival that people can engage and enjoy whilst confined behind their own front doors.

Arts Active has been leading the way in Wales with their engagement with schools, teachers, families and young people during lock down, providing educational online resources, access to live creative tutorials along with links and advice. Out of Doors, will provide FREE access to online activities and will include artist led activities and mini projects to encourage people of all ages, not just kids, to be at one with nature whilst learning in a creative and fun way.

The arts have always had a significant role to play in supporting and evoking a sense of well being for those that participate and engage with, from music, singing, dance, theatre to the visual arts, just to mention a few.

Much of the engagement with artists led activities in this festival will include nature and the natural world as the inspiration. As we step tentatively out of lock down we want to encourage young people particularly, to enjoy nature in a fun, creative but importantly, a safe way. Being out of doors NOW more than ever, will have a positive impact on our mental health and well being. This digital festival will bring all of these elements together to learn new things in a fun and creative way!

The festival will run for a month when it launches on Saturday 18 July - Saturday 15 August. Arts Active have created a diverse programme of events, where some of the activity is provided in a series of work for ages 1- 80. A taster of these include Tiddly Prom, (for ages 1-5) which comes in a series of 4 different activities based on the content, themes and characters associated with the Tiddly Prom. Family Prom, again a series of 4 differing activities (ages 5 & upwards); a series of 5 podcasts led by Jonathan James ( ages 10 & upwards) in talks with various artists on the relationship, influence and inspiration between music and nature; a series of 12 Youth Arts activities that will support the development of new skills (ages 10-18). And of course the Quiz which has become synonymous with lock down. Here we have created 4 family quizzes covering visual art, music, film and theatre ( for ages 10 & upwards). I think we can honestly say, there is something for everyone!

In addition and alongside the festival, Arts Active are producing Creativity Parcels. A new initiative which will see these parcels delivered to support young people who are unable to access online activities due to rural locality, areas of deprivation and others within central south Wales. The parcels will be distributed to nominated pupils by the end of term to support them through the summer break. This is an exciting and what now appears to be a very in demand initiative led by Arts Active.

For further information on the festival or the creativity parcels, or interviews with artists, or the Arts Active Director, please just email Patricia at Arts Active here or call 07841421075.

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