Seed Funding – Supporting the Arts In Response to COVID-19

Creative Gwynedd is pleased to announce that we have offered financial contributions of £500 each to support five creative practitioners from Gwynedd, and their professional partners, to deliver creative schemes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals and / or arts organisations from Gwynedd were invited to submit applications for financial support to pilot new creative ways of working in response to COVID-19 and the Assessment Panel decided to issue contributions to the following individuals…

‘Ffaffian’ project by Menai Rowlands – A project to offer support and a digital platform to promote creative practitioners in Gwynedd by sharing projects, tutorials, short stories, animation films and documentaries, mainly through the Welsh language on a new and dedicated YouTube channel.

‘Coflaid Covid’ by Iola Ynyr – The scheme will explore ways of working digitally and will express her positive experiences of receiving support from online women’s groups over the course of the Coronavirus, while coping with her mental health and recovery as an alcoholic while facing pressing economic challenges as a freelance artist.

‘Miniature Utopias Bach’ by Lindsey Colbourne – An arts project that will address the uncertainty of our post-lockdown world. It will examine how we will face the overwhelming gravity of our post COVID situation, including the issues of climate change and the collapse of our ecosystem. Lindsey will collaborate with artists, schools and communities and invite them to create their own ‘Minature Utopias Bach’ to reflect and encourage positive change in society.

Online Photography Storytelling Course by Denise Baker – Denise will develop and run a new photography course online, providing specialist training for creative practitioners in Gwynedd on how to use storytelling via the medium of photography.

‘LLOCHES’ by CARN – They will create a community sanctuary garden in the backyard of Oriel Pendeitsh, Caernarfon. The intention is to create a garden that is a refuge for people suffering from anxiety and depression, offering a quiet space for a break if the busy streets of Caernarfon are too much for them, particularly as a result of COVID-19. A mural will be painted in this walled garden by local artists to contribute towards creating a peaceful space in which to relax.

We would like to wish the five project every success and look forward to seeing how the work develops for all of them in the near future.