'Afon Enfys' Mural

Rainbow River Mural – Storiel, Bangor

To thank key workers for all their efforts during a coronavirus pandemic a local artist has created a beautiful new mural called the ‘Rainbow River’ at the Storiel museum and gallery in Bangor. Rainbows have become a symbol of hope and gratitude during this difficult period; with homes the length and breadth of the country showing their appreciation by decorating their windows with this colourful symbol.

A local artist, Femke Van Gent, was asked to design a unique mural for one of the exterior walls at the Storiel site in Bangor. Her work was inspired by the river Adda which flows hidden beneath the city, and an image of a ‘Rainbow River’ was invented. Around the ‘Rainbow River’ there are some butterflies which have been inspired by insects from the museum’s natural history collections. Caterpillars and butterflies symbolize transformation and hope, which are well suited in these challenging times. The design also includes other fascinating little creatures from nature and two ladies in Welsh costume, inspired by the history of Wales.

An exhibition of artwork by Femke Van Gent had been arranged for the Oriel Ysbyty Gwynedd (gallery) for the summer months, but of course this is not possible for the time being. It was therefore exciting to be able to work with Femke on this mural project in the absence of the exhibition Gwawr Wyn Roberts, Community Arts Development Officer, Gwynedd Council explained…

‘It’s a pleasure to see Femke’s colourful and energetic artwork in Bangor. The mural conveys our gratitude to key workers perfectly, the work is full of hope and is a heart-warming scene. Since sharing photographs of the mural on social media the public’s response has been very positive.’

Femke the artist said…

‘Working at Storiel was a pure pleasure. It’s good to hear that the mural is putting a smile on people’s faces. This makes me happy.’

The mural is painted on a wall at Storiel’s car park and can be enjoyed whilst walking past. Pop over to see it if you are nearby. Be aware of the rules in place regarding social distancing and unnecessary journeys. If you are not in the area during this lockdown period, enjoy looking at photographs of the artwork for the time being, and you will be warmly welcomed to visit Storiel when restrictions are removed.

Now that Storiel is closed temporarily, and our creative activities have been postponed for the time being, why not use the mural to inspire your creativity at home? How about doing some creative writing and devise a story and illustrations derived from the mural… Who are the two ladies hiding behind the roses? Where is the river flowing to? What is the owl looking at? Be creative and share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter if you would like, we would love to see them!

(Thanks to the Little Greene paint company in Bethesda for supplying the paint)

For more information about the mural contact us:

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